Thursday June 01, 2023

Here’s why PR guru rejected offer as Kate Middleton’s new private secretary

Kate Middleton’s secretary quit last year after Queen Elizabeth passed away

By Web Desk
March 27, 2023

A PR expert turned down the offer to become Kate Middleton’s private secretary after a former member of staff quit last year.

According to the Telegraph, Alison Corfield, 51, who was working for celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, was offered the position by the mom of three, but declined.

Per the outlet’s sources, it is understood that Corfield have been uncomfortable with the prospect of having such a high-profile position and decided instead to remain under the radar.

“She loves the work and is an integral member of the campaigning team,” the source told the outlet.

“She decided she just wanted to keep her head down and get on with the job she knows so well in the background. She didn't want the publicity that comes with working at that level for such a well-known institution.”

Hannah Cockburn-Logie, the Princess’s last private secretary, was a fixture at her side for two-and-a-half years but stepped down shortly after the death of Queen Elizabeth II last September for personal reasons.

Cockburn-Logie had previously been described as one of Kate’s most-reliable allies. Moreover, even her hiring process was different than usual since they typically hire aides from the civil service and government ministries.