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Urvashi Rautela believes ‘women are lazy’ comment does not apply to her

Urvashi Rautela addresses herself as an independent woman

By Web Desk
March 24, 2023
Urvashi Rautela addresses herself as an independent woman
Urvashi Rautela addresses herself as an independent woman 

Sonali Kulkarni made a ‘mean’ remark about Indian women being lazy and was called out heavily on social media. Urvashi Rautela makes it loud and clear that this comment does not apply to her as she has made her space in Bollywood from scratch.

Urvashi was spotted at a recent event where she was seen giving her remarks about Sonali’s statement. She said, "See the thing is... this doesn't apply to me. Because everybody knows I am an outsider. And everybody knows how hardworking I am, meine khud se apne aap pe.. apne balbute pe (I have made it by myself, without any support) I have made a career in Bollywood. Globally, fans they know me. I am the only Indian girl to win Miss Universe India twice. I am the youngest judge in history to just Miss Universe. So this, doesn't apply to me. This quote applies to all the velli (jobless) girls out there."

Sonali earlier acknowledged the problematic statement she made and gave a public apology. She said, "Dear all, I’m overwhelmed with the feedback I’m receiving. I would like to thank all of you, especially the entire press and media for the extremely mature conduct of connecting with me. Being a woman myself, my intention was not to hurt other women. In fact, I have extensively expressed myself time and again in support of us and what is it being a woman. I’m grateful to all of you for reaching out to me personally to appreciate or to criticize. Hope we will be able to have more open exchange of thoughts.”