Saturday September 30, 2023

Prince William ‘needs to protect’ Louis from Prince Harry’s fate

Prince William warned he needs to protect Louis from taking on Prince Harry’s fate as the ‘lost soul’

By Web Desk
March 19, 2023

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Prince William has just been warned about the need to ‘protect’ Louis from Prince Harry’s fate as the Spare of the family.

This warning has been issued in relation to the ‘imminent’ futures of ‘heir and spare’ that are sure to follow Charlotte, Louis and George into adulthood.

Author Tom Quinn brought forward this conversation and admitted to Express UK, that Louis may wind up being ‘lost spare’ while Charlotte works to support George once he takes on the throne.

He even went as far as to say, “I think because the royal family now is so aware of the mistakes that they've made in the past, especially with bringing up children, I think they will make enormous efforts to make sure that Louis doesn't feel like a lost soul.”

This may be the case especially considering “Kate doesn't come from this very restricting very traditional, very inward looking royal family, she's in a position to do more to make sure Louis has the kind of self-belief that comes from emotionally bonding with your actual parents.”