Wednesday March 29, 2023

Prince Harry ‘wanted to be King’ over ‘heir apparent’ Prince William

Prince Harry has wanted to take on the role of King ‘for a while now’

By Web Desk
February 09, 2023

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Prince Harry reportedly wanted to become King of England, even more so than his brother Prince William.

This insight has been brought to light by royal expert Kinsey Schofield.

Royal expert Kinsey Schofield made this shocking admission in regards to Prince Harry’s alleged dreams.

The expert made these admissions during the course of her interview with Sky News.

Per the expert, Prince Harry told many people in the past, including his mom Princess Diana, about his desire “to be King.”

Mr Schofield even went as far as to admit, “I believe that Harry and Meghan are bitterly jealous of the Prince and Princess of Wales.”

Before concluding she also issued some snipes against the couple’s ‘victim narrative and accused them of failing to “acknowledge that the public loved them thanks to a platform that the institution gave the both of them.”

Even more so because the expert believes Meghan Markle wasn’t even as popular before she landed her princely husband because “people weren't lining up in the streets to meet Meghan Markle from 'Suits'. They wanted to meet Prince Harry's girlfriend and wife.”