Friday December 08, 2023

Meghan Markle ‘avoiding’ Prince Harry to ‘survive’ backlash: ‘Knows brand will die’

Meghan Markle acting out of self-preservation and plans on letting Prince Harry take the heat for Spare

By Web Desk
January 30, 2023

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Meghan Markle is reportedly letting Prince Harry take all the heat for Spare so she doesn’t get caught in the crossfire.

Royal commentator Kinsey Schofield issued this claim during her interview with Talk TV host Cristo Foufas.

She has just stepped forward to offer some insight into Meghan Markle’s feelings about PR appearances and claimed, “I don't think [Meghan] is embarrassed of the book, I think her sticky little fingers are all over the book," Ms Schofield told Talk TV host Cristo Foufas.”

“The Daily Mail posted a story that said: 'Meghan is not in hiding. This is a PR strategy. Meghan is allowing Harry to brand himself separately from her'.”

“She's got something else in the works but this is an intentional PR strategy for Harry to elevate himself and become his own character.”

At the end of the day, “She's not embarrassed of Harry, she's, of course, in it 100 percent. You can read Harry's book, who had the text messages from Catherine? They were sent to Meghan's phone. Meghan has clearly influenced Harry's book.”

“Because the book is so toxic, I would use the word toxic, but because it ruffled so many feathers, it is believed that the publisher advised Meghan to sit this one out so that it wouldn't look like she was the puppet master.”