Thursday March 23, 2023

'Drunk' Prince Harry fell into sentry box at Palace: 'He was a mess'

A former soldier claimed that Prince Harry once set off alarm at St James’s Palace

By Web Desk
January 29, 2023
Drunk Prince Harry fell into sentry box at Palace: He was a mess
'Drunk' Prince Harry fell into sentry box at Palace: 'He was a mess' 

A former soldier recently broke his silence to dish on Prince Harry's abusive conduct during one night at St James’s Palace.

The former palace staffer also spilled that the Duke of Sussex had fallen into a sentry box and accidently bumped into an alarm button.

During his conversation with The Sun, a former member of the Guards Division said that the prince was “blind drunk” when he found him.

“It was around midnight. An alarm went off in the guard room, but we’d never heard it before,” he recalled. “One of the senior lads said it was one of the sentry boxes.

“Within a couple of minutes three of us who were in the QRF were out the door. There were two Met Police guys there as well.

“But instead of an intruder or terrorist, we found Prince Harry. He was wearing tight blue chinos and a white shirt, with a dark jumper over it.

“He was slurring his words, not making any sense. When we tried to pick him up he started yelling, ‘get off me, I don’t need any help’.

“He was pushing us off and being very abusive,” he went on.

“He was a mess, he was on the floor drooling on himself. When we tried to get him up he was uncooperative and abusive,” the soldier said.

Moreover, the former soldier also claimed that the Duke had a reputation in the military for being a “social hand grenade”.