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Eminem signs worn pair of sneakers to donate in charity auction

Eminem donates signed sneakers to charity auction following the Grammy Awards 2023

By Web Desk
January 27, 2023
Eminem signs worn pair of sneaker to donate in charity auction
Eminem signs worn pair of sneaker to donate in charity auction

Eminem has signed his sneakers to charity auction arranged by MusiCares Charity Relief Auction followed by 2023 Grammys.

The Mocking Bird rapper has provided a signed worn pair of white Nike Air Max.

These sneakers were $500 at the beginning and were estimated to go for up to $3,000. Yet after just eight bids the price went up to $7,000.

The 2023 MusiCares Charity Relief Auction is set to take place following the Grammy Awards ceremony.

For the unaware, MusiCares is an organization dedicated to help musicians in times of financial and medical crisis.

The biggest names in the music industry donate their items for the auction, in order to raise funds for the organization.

The list of benefactors spans from Joni Mitchell and Rolling Stone to BTS and Olivia Rodrigo without the discrimination of genre and generation.

However, the two names mentioned in headlines the most are Taylor Swift and Eminem.

Swift also submitted her signed custom evermore 2020 Epiphone DR-100EB acoustic guitar for the auction.

It is expected to bring in $10,000, which is the highest estimate attached to any of other musical instruments auctioned this year.

Similarly, the Lose Yourself rapper donated his signed Kangol to the auction last year. The hat was sold for $6,400, more than 10 times higher that the starting price.