Sunday April 02, 2023

Michael Shannon feels 'horrible' for Alec Baldwin in ‘Rust’ shooting case

'The person on 'Rust' clearly was not qualified for the job,' said Michael Shannon for 'Rust' armorer

By Web Desk
January 26, 2023

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Michael Shannon said the ‘low production budget’ resulted into the tragic Rust incident, killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins last year.

Shannon expressed his concerns when asked about the recent involuntary manslaughter charges facing Alec Baldwin over the death of Hutchins.

The Bullet Train actor, 48, in an interview with The Chicago Tribune, spoke about the case in light of his directorial debut Eric Larue.

“It’s not a sloppy procedure, in my experience. It’s very, very meticulous,” Shannon said about gun handling procedures on movie sets.

“But Rust is an example of a problem I see in filmmaking more and more these days. On smaller productions, independent productions, the producers keep wanting more and more for less and less. They don’t want to give you enough money,” he said.

“They cut corners, ridiculously, every which way. And they get away with it,” he added.

"The person on 'Rust' clearly was not qualified for the job. She should not have been there," he added, referring to Rust armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed.

Moreover, Shannon did not put blame on Baldwin for the incident, saying, “I’m not condemning Alec. I feel horrible for the guy. It’s a nightmare... But this is what happens when you lowball and cut corners and hire people that may not be qualified, and pay them next to nothing, and make the movie on the cheap.”