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50 Cent reacts to Kanye West lawyers break up with newspaper ads

Previously, 50 Cent also gave his two cents on Kanye West's backlash

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January 18, 2023

50 Cent reacts to Kanye West lawyers break up with newspaper ads

Former lawyers of Kanye West tried to track the disgraced rapper for months. However, the Donda hitmaker's constant evasion forced them to announce their decision in the newspaper.

On the news, the popular rapper 50 Cent reacted on Instagram, saying, “The lawyers don’t give a **** what you do if you pay them,” adding, “Wait so you mean to tell me they don’t even want the man money they dropping him.”

The Greenberg Traurig Law Firm was forced to put ads in the newspaper, explaining a “breakdown in communication”, adding West “deactivated the phone number previously used to contact him.”

“Publication of the Withdrawal Order’s contents in two Los Angeles-area newspapers, where Ye appears to reside, will also apprise him of the Withdrawal Order,” the document reads.

“Given Ye’s public status, publication of the Withdrawal Order will likely garner significant media attention, resulting in broader publication and provide an even greater likelihood of apprising Ye of the Order.”

Besides Greenberg Traurig Law, West also evaded former business manager Thomas St. John, who could not track the artist. The ex-manager is suing Ye for breach of contract.

Previously, In October of 2022, the In Da Club rapper gave his two-cents on West's backlash for anti-Semitic remarks.

"I think [Kanye West] is in a dangerous area. Look, I forgive him for the things that he said because I already identify when something's going on that I don't understand...Even the White Lives Matter thing.

There's nothing for me to say about it, though. I watch it take place and I go, 'OK, yeah,' that's him doing what he does, what Kanye would do. Even the original Trump support thing was a little out there for me.

Everybody looks at things, they navigate things differently. One week it's, 'I don't want my kids raised by a White woman.' Then the next week it's, 'I want to go home.'"