Thursday November 30, 2023

Swedish couple raised $60K to remove Wham's 'Last Christmas' song

The couple set to buy rights to 'Last Christmas' song to scrub it forever, meanwhile rights valued up to $25M

By Web Desk
January 02, 2023
Swedish couple raised $60K to remove Whams Last Christmas song
Swedish couple raised $60K to remove Wham's 'Last Christmas' song

One couple raised £50,000 in a bid to buy Wham!’s 1984 anthem Last Christmas, only to remove its existence.

Speaking to South West News Service, Hannah Mazetti revealed the reason behind her actions, saying her hatred for the song started at 20 (she is now 33) when her boss would play it ad nauseam as she worked at a café in Oxford.

“The owner of the cafe had planned for a super cozy holiday season and had his own made CD with a number of ‘hits’ on it,” she said.

“He was only in now and then, so he didn’t fully appreciate the agony the rest of the staff felt when ‘Last Christmas’ played for the 111th time of the working day.”

Mazetti, with her husband, Tomas, is thinking of purchasing the song’s rights to it removed from all platforms.h

“Then someone told us it was theoretically possible to buy the rights to the song and take it off all streaming platforms! We asked around among our friends, and word spread. It’s fun because people either love or hate the idea! Maybe next Christmas will be the last Christmas!”

Mazetti said if they acquire the rights, they’ll send the master tapes off to a nuclear waste site in Finland “where it’ll rest for at least two million years.”

The couple clarified they don’t have contempt for Wham!, “I’m sorry, but this is the way it has to be. We don’t hate Wham!, but we hate this song. It is because it is being played 5,000 times daily, but we felt something had to be done to support the people who suffer like us.”