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Niecy Nash says ‘Dahmer’ shines more of a ‘light on victims than the murderer’

'Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story' stars Evan Peters as the notorious killer

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December 31, 2022

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Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story actor Niecy Nash believes the Netflix series has “shined more of a light on the victims than on the killer.”

Nash, who played Glenda Cleveland - Dahmer's real-life neighbor on the acclaimed series, addressed the criticism and accusations of glamorizing Dahmer and re-enacting the tragic stories of his victims on screen.

The Reno: 911 actress, 52, told Deadline, "I feel like it's shining more of a light on the victims than it is on the killer."

"Normally, you view it from the lead character's point of view, but you actually get to enter the story through the eyes of his neighbor,” she said in her interview on Dec. 29.

Nash received praise for portrayal of Glenda Cleveland, Dahmer's real-life neighbor who repeatedly called the police about his suspicious activity.

The Claws actress also spoke about the impact of the Netflix series and addressed how playing the role made her realize Dahmer's crimes had an emotional ripple effect.

"You get to unpack the collateral damage in all of the families who had loved ones who lost their lives to Dahmer," Nash explained.

"And even though Glenda Cleveland was not killed by him, she definitely was a victim," she added.

Nash also shared how she personally relates to Glenda, saying, "When your voice goes unheard, when your needs go unmet, when you are crying out and no one is listening," she said, "that's a space that if we haven't been in our life, at some point we will be."

Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story stars Evan Peters as the notorious killer. The series is available to stream on Netflix.