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Prince George is William to Prince Louis’ Harry: Expert

Prince William’s son Prince George and Louis are a spitting image of a younger him and Prince Harry, an expert said

By Web Desk
December 28, 2022

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Prince William’s two sons, Prince George and Louis, are a spitting image of a younger him with his brother Prince Harry, as per a body language expert.

Behavioural expert Judi James made the observation in a chat with Mirror UK after the Prince and Princess of Wales stepped out with George, Charlotte, and Louis, in Sandringham on Christmas Day this weekend for the annual Royal walkabout to and from St Mary Magdalene Church.

Noting how at one point during the walk, Prince George mirrored his father William and reached out to put his hand on his playful little brother Louis’ back, James shared that the gesture was also reminiscent of how William used to be around his own little brother Prince Harry back in the day.

“The gesture looked spontaneous, as though this is a role he is taking on a lot and, after the footage of a young William and Harry growing up together that was shown in Harry’s Netflix show, it looked like a poignant mirror-image of how their sibling relationship shaped up before they grew up and fell apart,” James shared.

The expert further explained: “William was shown in caring mode for Harry back then, just as George is now with Louis. The links can’t have been lost on William, who seems to have proved himself as a man who learns from mistakes from the past and battles to reshape his future accordingly.”