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‘Suffering is the only thing’ Prince Harry, Meghan Markle have ‘that makes them special’

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle reportedly ‘know only to highlight suffering’ to be seen as special

By Web Desk
December 24, 2022

File Footage

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle reportedly refuse to give up their victim identity because it may destroy their meal ticket in the US.

This claim against Prince Harry has been put forth by Jan Moir, British columnist.

Moir started by pointing out how, “As footage and photographs from their ‘personal archive’ fill the gaps, it becomes ever more clear that they didn’t ever want to escape the spotlight, only to control how they looked in it.”

“In one meta moment, we watch them watching their televised interview with Oprah. Snuggled up on the sofa, they kiss at the end — one supposes in triumph.”

“Another scene finds them being filmed in close-up as they cry during a therapy session. What kind of a person does that? A person who wants your sympathy. In the narrative arc of their ongoing story, Meghan and Harry have to portray themselves as royal victims if they are to succeed in America. Sweating it out under the biodome of Hollywood celebrity, their supposed suffering is the only thing they have that makes them special — they have to hang on to their hurt at all costs.”