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Meghan Markle was secretly filmed in her room? ‘My face was everywhere’

Meghan Markle had paid off neighbors install surveillance cameras

By Web Desk
December 08, 2022

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Meghan Markle reportedly ended up suffering a major breach of security once her relationship with Prince Harry became public knowledge.

The incidents occurred near Markle’s Toronto neighborhood, where even neighbors were paid off for slivers of information.

Meghan recounted the entire incident in the Netflix show Harry & Meghan.

She was even quoted saying, “It felt like all of the UK media descended upon Toronto. Then my neighbours texted me saying ‘they’re knocking on everyone’s door, they are trying to find you’.”

She even went as far as to reveal the desperation among some of them and claimed, “They had paid certain neighbours to put a live stream camera into my backyard.”

Almost “Suddenly, it was like everything about my life was just getting so much more insular. All the curtains were pulled and the blinds were pulled. It was scary.”

But even that didn’t stop everything, as “My face was everywhere, my life was everywhere. Tabloids had taken over everything.”