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Prince Harry to ‘bang nail in monarchy’s coffin’ with Netflix docuseries

Prince Harry’s Netflix docuseries with wife Meghan Markle, could be the ‘nail in the monarchy’s coffin’

By Web Desk
December 04, 2022

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Prince Harry’s upcoming Netflix docuseries with wife Meghan Markle, Harry & Meghan, could be the ‘nail in the monarchy’s coffin’, as per Mirror UK.

The UK publication shared an opinion piece recently that called for King Charles to ‘skillfully’ navigate the storms that the Royal Firm faces with Prince Harry’s attacks on the family.

“… We hear that Harry and Meghan’s Netflix series is going to be even worse for the royals than they already feared,” the outlet wrote.

They went on to state: “Prince Harry does not just threaten to tarnish the family he was once happy to be part of. He will also bang another nail in the monarchy’s coffin.”

“While we are still a long way from the lid coming down on it, this is a time for stout hearts and cool heads. Because you do not have to be a royalist to be a monarchist. The family might be dysfunctional, but that does not mean the Crown itself is no longer fit for purpose.”

“But a monarchy is only as good as its monarch. The King must now skillfully and diplomatically navigate whatever his youngest son has to throw at him. It will be Charles’ first big test of kingship. And we urge him not to flunk it,” Mirror UK concluded.

This comes days after Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle dropped the first look at their upcoming Netflix docuseries Harry & Meghan this week, that hinted that the show may include bombshells about their time with the royals.