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Kanye West superfans storms out of Parler amid nix deal

Ye's noxious behaviour is leading controversial celebs to sideline him; however, his loyal fanbase remains intact

By Web Desk
December 03, 2022
Kanye West superfans storms out of Parler amid nix deal
Kanye West superfans storms out of Parler amid nix deal 

Fans of Kanye West on Parler are furious over the platform's decision to axe the deal with Ye after Hitler's comments, as per The Daily Beast.

However, the social platform claimed the decision was finalized weeks before Ye's comments.

"In response to numerous media inquiries, Parlement Technologies would like to confirm that the company has mutually agreed with Ye to terminate the intent of sale of Parler.

This decision was made in the interest of both parties in mid-November. Parler will continue to pursue future opportunities for growth and the evolution of the platform for our vibrant community."

However, the users of the conservative app didn't welcome this move.

"Free of speech, my (expletive)! I'm deleting my account! Hypocrisy is alive and well," replied a Parler user whose previous posts were about cellphone games and befriending a Rubix cube while sitting alone in a hospital.

"No, Ye? Then I'm out," wrote one user. "I'm here because of Ye," wrote another. "I'm only here because of Ye!!!" a third confirmed.

Thank God, this was a shitty app anyway," one user replied to Parler's post. The user appears to have joined Parler the day West's acquisition was announced and follows only two other Parler accounts, one of which is West's.

Kanye West created uproar again, appearing on InfoWars, and commenting, "I love Hitler, " on which controversial host Alex Jones even stated that he "disagreed" with Ye's remarks.