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Kartik Aaryan recalls his films getting shelved after he told people about it

Kartik Aaryan recalls a time his films got shelved

By Web Desk
December 02, 2022
Kartik Aaryan recalls a time his films got shelved
Kartik Aaryan recalls a time his films got shelved 

Kartik Aaryan has reached to a good point in his career. He has worked his way through this point and he has struggled a lot for it. He recently recalled that his films got scrapped after he told people about them.

He recalled how he would tell everyone about his films and later, they won’t take off. He then learned that he shouldn’t talk about his projects with people unless it has happened.

In an interview with Goodtimes, Kartik said, “It has happened with me that one or such film that got locked, before my debut also, it didn't take off. I had told everyone 'My film will happen' and it didn't take off. After that, I came to know that you shouldn't tell anyone.”

He further added, "When Pyaar Ka Punchnama was happening, when I got my first film, I never told anyone that I'm shooting for a film or I'm doing anything. Because I thought, pata chale yeh bhi scrap hogayi toh.”

He also revealed that he didn’t even tell his roommate about the film. He instead told them that he is doing an internship at a hospital. Later, when the film was confirmed, he gathered his 12 roommates around and showed them the trailer.