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Mike Tindall opens up about being married to Princess Anne's daughter Zara

Mike Tindall shared what it’s ‘really like’ to live as a royal during his stint on the UK reality show 'I’m a Celeb'

By Web Desk
November 28, 2022

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Mike Tindall, former English rugby player and royalty through his marriage to Princess Anne’s daughter Zara, opened up about what it’s ‘really like’ to live as a royal during his stint on the UK reality show I’m a Celeb.

Tindall, who was booted out of the reality show this weekend, shared his experience of being married to the late Queen Elizabeth’s granddaughter in a chat with fellow I’m a Celeb contestant Owen Warner.

Warner asked the father-of-three whether he felt any pressure when he met Zara before marrying her in 2011 and how he adjusted to royal life, to which Tindall replied that there was no pressure since he was ‘friends’ with Zara and her cousins Prince William and Harry from before.

“No, because we were friends first and then William and Harry were massive England [rugby] fans at the time, so we'd met them numerous times,” Tindall shared.

He added: “Met more of the family than you'd normally have met of the woman you start dating.'”

Tindall also shared that he already knew of Zara’s royal lineage as her mother, the Princess Royal, is the patron of Scottish rugby.

When asked whether he visits Buckingham Palace, the monarch’s residence, Tindall revealed: “More than most… Well, a lot of it's all the state rooms, and there's only a little bit of living.”