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Joe Jonas shares wife Sophie Turner helped direct his audition tape for ‘Devotion’

In the J.D. Dillard-directed film 'Devotion' Jonas plays pilot Marty Goode alongside Jonathan Majors and Glen Powell

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November 24, 2022
Joe Jonas shares wife Sophie Turner helped direct audition tape for ‘Devotion’
Joe Jonas shares wife Sophie Turner helped direct audition tape for ‘Devotion’

Joe Jonas has found a personal acting coach in his Emmy-nominated wife, Sophie Turner.

During this week’s episode of the Just for Variety podcast, the one-third Jonas Brother was interviewed about his new film Devotion, which stars Jonathan Majors and Glen Powell along with him. In the J.D. Dillard-directed film, Jonas plays pilot Marty Goode.

When asked if the singer and actor got nervous recording the auditioning tape for the movie, Joe credited his wife and Game of Thrones alum.

“When you have a wife like Sophie Turner, who is a phenomenal actress, the one filming you and directing you through it, you got to bring your A-game,” he shared.

“She’s my toughest critic. Yes, I’m going to be a little nervous [but she’s] super helpful and I feel like what a great acting coach to walk me through this. And I do have her to thank.”

Joe also mentioned that there were times when he thought he did a perfect job, but Turner would critique it and it made him a better in his work. “It was when I think I nail it and then she’s like, ‘No, you’re going to have to do that again.’ I’m like, ‘S--t!’ But that’s what it’s about. I’m glad that she gives me her honest opinion. That’s what you need.”

The movie marks the DNCE frontman’s return to acting after a long time. “It's been a minute since obviously I've done any acting. The pandemic really gave me plenty of time. Touring wasn't really an option, so I was like, well, what am I going to do with myself here?” said Jonas.

“I obviously love acting and it's something I've always wanted to get back into. And it was just like any other audition process. Put myself on tape and called back on tape, met the director J.D. [Dillard], we spoke about the project and it went from there.”

When asked if he and Turner would star in a project together, Jonas shared that it all “comes down to the right role or project. I think it would be fun.”