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Prince Harry, Meghan Markle have burnt ‘every bridge in site’

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle ‘burnt every bridge’ they walked close to

By Web Desk
November 19, 2022

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Royal experts have just accused Prince Harry and Meghan Markle of having ‘burnt every bridge’ in earshot.

This has been brought forward by an unnamed inside source close to the National Enquirer.

The insider began by labelling Prince Harry and Meghan Markle the ‘rejects’ of Hollywood, who have managed to burn every bridge in sight.

Reportedly, “They're not only desperate to keep big bucks flowing their way but also struggling to stay relevant and powerful in Hollywood.”

“They still have this delusional view of themselves as top-shelf celebrities, even though that's so far from reality it's not funny!”

The unnamed source also addressed how ‘desperate’ the couple is to save face with their $100 million advance paystub by the bigwigs at Netlfix.

Reportedly, “Execs at Netflix went to bat for the Sussexes thinking it would be ratings gold and salvation for the network, but at this point, the $100 million investment is looking like a giant overpayment.”

Before concluding the source also claimed, “Even monster ratings wouldn't justify that ridiculous outlay – especially considering that Meghan and Harry have also brought a ton of negative publicity with them.”