• Two killed in NWA drone attack

      June 14, 2012
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      MIRANSHAH: Two persons were killed in a US drone attack on a car on Eeshah-Razmak road, eight kilometres east of Miranshah, the headquarters of North Waziristan tribal region, on Wednesday.

      Official sources said the drone fired four missiles to hit the car traveling from Miranshah to Malik Azdar village, located on Eeshah-Razmak road. Eyewitnesses said three missiles missed the target but the fourth one hit the speedy car near Eeshah Mor or Chowk. The car immediately caught fire and the two men inside were killed.

      Later when the drones disappeared, local villagers recovered two damaged bodies from the wreckage of the car. The villagers said the bodies were damaged beyond recognition.Local residents said four US drones were seen hovering over the area during the attack.

      AFP adds: A security official said the death toll in the drone attack has gone up to four. Previously he said three militants had been killed in the attack. Nine drone strikes have been reported in Pakistan since May 23.

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