Headstart School dominates Air Robotronics with wins in various categories

By Our Correspondent
February 25, 2024

Islamabad : In a remarkable display of talent and technological prowess, Headstart School's robotics team, has achieved exceptional success in the Air Robotronics 2024.

The Headstart School's flag can be seen in this image. — Facebook/Headstart School

The event, held from 15th to 17th February at the Air University Aerospace and Aviation Campus Kamra, saw the participation of several schools and universities across the country in various modules. Headstart School's team stood out by securing top positions in multiple categories, bringing honour to the institution.


Headstart’s team participated in three modules, namely Aeros - Drone - line of sight & FPV, and Aeros - RC planes for schools and universities (combined). Their dedication, hard work, and innovation led them to secure the 1st position in three different categories. In the Aeros FPV Drone category, Saad Arsalan, Ali Asim, Raafay Zeeshan and Talal Ahmed Awan, the talented members of Headstart FPV drone team, showcased their exceptional piloting skills and innovative drone design, securing the 1st position. The precision and agility demonstrated by their drone left the judges and spectators in awe.

In the Aeros Line of Sight Drone category, Qasim Murtaza, Zohaib Arsalan, and Muhammad Talha Adeel from Headstart made an astounding impact by securing the 1st position. Aariz Ali Khan, & Haider Jillani from the RC plane team, clinched the 1st position in the Aeros RC planes category. The team’s mastery over remote-controlled planes and their ability to execute complex manoeuvres set them apart from the competition.

The Headstart School’s community is beaming with pride at the achievements of its Robotics Team. Their exceptional performance in the Air Robotronics has not only brought accolades to the school but has also highlighted the school's commitment to nurturing young minds with a passion for science and technology.