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India hangs Mumbai gunman Ajmal Kasab

- November 21, 2012 - Updated 727 PKT - From Web Edition

NEW DELHI: The sole surviving Mumbai gunman, Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab, was quietly hanged in India for his involvement in the 2008 terror attacks in Mumbai, Geo News reported.


Reports have it that he was transferred to Pune's Yerwada jail from Mumbai in a covert manner as Indian government did not want to draw too much hype to this high-profile hanging.


The executioner put the noose around Kasab's neck and pulled the lever at 7:30 AM Indian Standard Time. The doctors declared him dead soon after the hanging, said media.


He was shifted to Yerwada Cental Jail from Mumbai as it was the nearest prison equipped with gallows. Reports are also doing rounds in the Indian media as to who executed Kasab for Yerwada jail does not have a dedicated public executioner.


Government of India had code-named Kasab's hanging as "Operation X", reports added.


Maharashtra Home Minister RR Patil in a press conference confirmed that Ajmal Kasab was hanged till death in Yerwada jail.


"Kasab's hanging is a tribute to the martyrs of Mumbai attacks", said he talking to newsmen at his residence.


Moreover, Indian media also reported that Kasab's body would not be handed over to Pakistan.


Kasab neither left a will behind nor did he have a last wish to make

before his hanging, reports added.


Earlier on Tuesday, the President of India Pranab Mukherjee had rejected the mercy petition filed by Ajmal Kasab.


He was sentenced to death for his involvement in the November 26, 2008 terror attack on Mumbai in which 166 people including foreigners were killed.


Earlier in October, the Indian Home Ministry had rejected the mercy plea of Kasab. The ministry had sent its recommendation to President Pranab Mukherjee.


Reportedly, he was kept in a bomb-proof and an egg-shaped cell at the maximum security Arthur Road Jail in Mumbai, from where the Indian government Kasab secretly shifted him to Pune's Yerwada Central Jail.


The Indian Supreme Court upheld Kasab's conviction and death sentence in August this year.


Kasab was the only terrorist captured alive after the attacks in Mumbai that began on November 26, 2008.

Reader Comments
He was a street urchin, ignorant, picked up by mullahs who brain washed him & sent him to sure death.No body will miss him, he was expendable, wonder if any mullah has sent his son on the mission similar to Kasab's.!! India should bury him in an unmarked grave,better throw him in deep sea so that no trace of him is left.

It smelled of Israeli intelligence style planning and the links between Indian intelligence and the Zionists are known. Questions not answered.... Why Kasab was most photgraphed prior to his capture. Why he roamed around freely as if he knew he won't be shot. Faces of all others were destroyed beyond recognition. Kasab spoke in hindi accent not Urdu. kasab wrote his mercy appeal in Hindi. Karkare who was investigating hindu extremists killed first. etc.

Akil Akhtar
Qasab deserved thousands times death penalties, he stigmatised muslims and pakistani nation by committing the heinous crime.

What is this discussion all about a criminal and thug who deserves to be hanged.That is what you do to most criminals.

Indian hindus soldiers still killing the innocent people of kashmir,and mumbai attack was the revenge from kassab

Last word of Kasab was “Allah kasam aisi galati dobara nahi hogi, Allah mujhe maaf kare”, it means he was feeling very much guilty for killing the innocent people (including some muslims) by the name of state. Other terrorists should learn something from last word of their hero “Kasab”.

Good that the scum got what he deserved. Shameless people still support terrorist morally and financially.

@ Abdul Aziz. What else could be expected of you ragtag, worst creature Afghanies. You deserve what u r getting in Afghanistan.

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