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Nato supply resumption challenged in SC

- July 09, 2012 - Updated 1349 PKT - From Web Edition

LAHORE: The reopening of Nato supply lines has been challenged in the Supreme Court Lahore Registry by Barrister Zafar ullah Khan, Geo News reported.


The petitioner argued that the reopening of Nato supply routes also known as Ground Lines of Communication (GLOC), was against the national sovereignty, prestige and in violation of parliamentary resolutions.


It would spread new wave of terrorism in the country, he contended, adding that lethal weapons transported via these routes to Afghanistan could be used against Pakistan.


The court should take notice of it and shut the Nato supply, he prayed.

Reader Comments
Where are the likes of Mr. Gilani who never get tired of making a hue and cry about the Parliament's sovereignty,supremacy,paramountcy and what not? Here is a clear-cut case of the Zardari-Ashraf Regime/Government/Executive defying the Parliament's decision concerning the NATO supplies; Instead of duping the people, why not the PPP-MQM-JUI 'champions' of Parliament bring a vote of NO CONFIDENCE against the Government?

Malek Tauqee/Towghi (Baloch),Ph.D.
This is a Parliament issue, and not a Supreme Court issue.

Parliament kaa dhong rachaaney ke ba'd, ab adaalat ko naat'ak banaaney kee koshish! The Honorable Supreme Court should refuse to be dragged in this mess, saying that it is a purely Executive issue nothing to do with the Judiciary.

Malek Tauqee/Towghi (Baloch),Ph.D.
Is the Barristar not having any other jobs? Apparently it looks like to get the name published in newspapers is the best way to put up an application. If it is not done and US takes other actions, then what the Barrister will do?

Taqi Ullah Khalid
Saudi Arabia
NATO supply will cause boosting terrorism in Pakistan.America will never leave Afghanistan,it's confirmed.I have been there,i know ground reality.i am sure,US will pretend for stay in Afghanistan before 2014,or will create such circumstances that will compel Afghanistan to be requested for long staying.

Shad Khattak
@shiraz, the shameless and stupid people like you, sitting outside the country, are also favouring the dual nationality law. We know how you serve the Britians and their animals. It is better to be remain shut on Pak interests issues. Looking like a PPP Pagal Jiayala.

Come on grow up guys.. you have a hell lot of other issues to deal with.. you should know that the sooner NATO/USA leave the region the beter and it will be in PAK interest.. so sit back and wait for 2014. and since the so called chief justice son is corrupt so he has to save his back as well.

United Kingdom
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