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'Nawaz raised foreign intervention issue in Balochistan with Manmohan'

- October 05, 2013 - Updated 1340 PKT - From Web Edition

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Secretary Jalil Abbas said on Saturday that the issue of foreign intervention in Balochistan was raised by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif during his meeting with his Indian counterpart Manmohan Singh in New York.


Speaking to reporters here, Abbas said evidence of Indian interference in Balochistan was shared with relevant parties in New York. “We have also presented this evidence in the Senate.”


According to Abbas, the issue of drone strikes was raised by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif during his visit to the US. He further said that the prime minister would continue to raise this issue with US President Barack Obama and at other forums.


The foreign secretary expressed hope that the dialogue process with India would grow, adding that Pakistan had as many concerns about terrorism as India. “The issue of terrorism will not be resolved by hurling accusations.”


In reply to a question, Abbas said that the Mullah Baradar’s release was part of the Afghan reconciliation process.

Reader Comments
I think Nawaz Sharif has good intentions but does have the real power to set the country's foreign policy on track. Building good relations with neighbors and fighting terrorists on all fronts is the way to go... Pakistan has no business interfering in Afghanistan through proxies such as Taliban and India has no business interfering Pak affairs...

When it comes to Mumbai attack and hafeez, Pakistanis demand airtight evidence that can be presented in an international court. But when it comes to Balochistan, Pakistanis have evidence that they will reveal one day in the distant future, but they want the International court to accept it admit it now.

It is true some foreign agents along with local agents are involved in attacks on our Army personnel and terror attacks in public places, we need to open our mouth and take swift army action against terror groups in Pakistan.

Sorry, Nawaz is lying as usual to distract Pakistani’s from real problems facing Pakistan.

Very good. We will keep raising the issue of drone and you keep killing our citizens... seems no different now.

Sajjad Ashraf
shame on you our rulers, if you can't speak to them publically, only claim before us after time is over. If you don't have courage to look into eyes of your enemy and say it, protest is publically, you will not get anything. Look, how India forced you and blamed you for Mumbai, and you don't dare to deny it.

abdul majid alvi
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