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- Sunday, September 29, 2013 - From Print Edition


ISLAMABAD: Highly influential Taji Khokhar detained in Adiala Jail in famous Sabira Bibi murder case, allegedly involved in numerous cases involving killing and land grabbing, has managed to get transferred a Deputy Inspector General of Punjab Police, within four weeks of his posting, because the senior cop dared to search his jail cell, The News has learnt reliably.


Rana Abdul Rauf, DIG Prisons, has been asked to report to the Home Department without assigning any reason of his transfer, which is a sheer violation of Supreme Court’s judgement in Anita Turab case where an officer cannot be made Officer on Special Duty or transferred prematurely without assigning any reason.


The daring DIG couldn’t last even a month in Rawalpindi because he didn’t know that the prisoners in Adiala Jail are more powerful than the police.


When contacted, DIG Rana Abdul Rauf, said that the prisoners have turned out to be more powerful than the police department who have managed my transfer. “Upon the instructions of the Home Secretary that there were complaints that the prisoners were using mobile phones, I searched the Adiala Jail and recovered mobile phone from a prisoner named Dr Irfan who is said to be a close aide of Hanif Abbasi, ex-MNA”, said the DIG, adding: “The jail officials, perhaps, had informed Taji Khokhar therefore no mobile phone was recovered from him but it was apparent that the jail staff was providing him other services.”


Well-placed sources told ‘The News’ that DIG Rana Abdul Rauf searched the jail and recovered mobile phones from some influential prisoners and also found that the Jail staff treated Taji Khokhar as a king by providing him all the facilities he desired under the sun. The sources added that after the jail search by the DIG, a phone call was made to an influential personality who latter involved a young politician from Lahore who is calling the shots nowadays. Within no time, the DIG stood transferred without assigning any reason for daring to search the cell of Adiala Jail where Taji Khokhar has been detained.


The DIG said that he was posted in Multan and then went for Management Course and upon his return he was posted as DIG Prisons on August 24, 2013 by the Punjab government and after 29 days, on September 23, 2013 he was transferred without assigning any reason. “I don’t know what is the reason of my transfer but the prisoners are more powerful than the long arm of the law”, the DIG added.


It is worth mentioning here that the Supreme Court in it’s judgement in the famous Anita Turab case rescued the government servants who, otherwise, are subject to wrath of political elite for not toeing a specific party’s line or are even made to suffer for making their seniors unhappy. The SC in bureaucracy’s depoliticisation case has directed the federal and provincial government to: “Tenure, posting and transfer.


When the ordinary tenure for a posting has been specified in the law or rules made thereunder, such tenure must be respected and cannot be varied, except for compelling reasons, which should be recorded in writing and are judicially reviewable. OSD: Officers should not be posted as OSD except for compelling reasons, which must be recorded in writing and are judicially reviewable. If at all an officer is to be posted as OSD, such posting should be for the minimum period possible and if there is a disciplinary inquiry going on against him, such inquiry must be completed at the earliest.”