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Saturday, December 01, 2012
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The Lahore metro bus service, a multi-billion project, will cover the length from Ferozpur Road to Shahdara by means of a partly-ground and partly-elevated roadway. If Lahore were a linear city, like Peshawar, the proposed service would have served the purpose. But Lahore extends transversely in both directions. Therefore, this project will have a limited utility and may not solve the traffic problems of the city as people living beyond this corridor may not be able to make use of it. They will have to reach the bus station by a car or a taxi, purchase the metro bus ticket, travel by bus, disembark at the station near their destination and then take a taxi or a bus to their destination.

Time will tell if this is practically feasible and if there will be any saving in travel time or cost. As the project is in an advanced stage of construction, it should be reviewed by experts to make it useful by providing all the ancillary facilities. Coordinated bus services should be planned to ply between all population centres and bus stations. There should be sufficient space at the bus stations for parking. If escalators are planned to be installed at the bus stations, it is necessary that their maintenance is ensured as the mechanical and electrical facilities provided at public places often do not perform effectively.

Faqir Ahmad Paracha