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10,124 outlaws arrested last month

By Our Correspondent
October 04, 2022

LAHORE:Police arrested 10,124 criminals involved in different crimes in the month of September. The police arrested 428 members of 172 active dacoit gangs and recovered cash and valuables worth more than rupees 5 crore and 54 lac from them. Police recovered 8 cars, 399 motorcycles, 11 other vehicles, 497 laptops and mobile phones as well from the criminals. During the grand action against illegal weapons in the city, Lahore police arrested 654 criminals and registered cases against them in different police stations of the city.

Police recovered 9 Kalashnikovs, 62 rifles, 18 guns, 557 pistols and revolvers and more than 03 thousands bullets along with cartridges from these criminals. During action against drug peddlers, police arrested as many as 837criminals and registered 834 FIRs against them during previous month and recovered from them more than 05 kg heroin, more than 592 kg of charas, 01 kilo and 880 grams of ICE and 5786 litres of liquor. Similarly Lahore Police arrested 543 criminals involved in gambling and registered 133 cases against them recovering more than rupees 20 lac as gambling money from them. Moreover, 5336 proclaimed and targeted offenders and Court Absconders along with 528 Proclaimed Offenders (POs) of 'A' category, 3298 POs of 'B' category, 1510 targeted Offenders (TOs) whereas 2456 Court Absconders (CAs) were arrested during last month. Lahore Police also arrested 279 accused for violating Kite Flying Act and recovered more than 03 thousands kites as well as 432 strings from them. As many as 34 accused involved in aerial firing were also arrested 57 cases had been registered against them.

Around 2013 law breakers were arrested under NAP in different violations. Accordingly134 accused were arrested in violation of Security of Vulnerable Establishments Ordinance, 319 in violation of Sound System Regulation Ordinance, 898 in violation of Information of Temporary Residents Ordinance, 654 in Arms (Amendments) Ordinance, 05 in Prohibition of Expressing Matters on Walls (Amendments) Ordinance whereas 03 accused were arrested in violation of hate material cases.