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Street crime increased in Karachi after floods: police

October 01, 2022

ISLAMABAD: The port city of Karachi has witnessed an alarming increase in street crime after the flash floods in parts of the country. Besides, half of the criminals caught by police belong to other parts of the country. Sindh police officials told the Standing Committee on Interior on Friday.

The meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Interior was held under the chair of Senator Mohsin Aziz. The committee expressed concern over the sharp rise in street crimes in Karachi and directed the Sindh Police and other relevant departments to crack down on criminal elements.

The overall law and order situation in Karachi and particularly the performance of the Sindh Police in preventing the street crimes, including theft, robbery, kidnapping, murder and target killings, were reviewed in detail.

Sindh police officials told the committee that due to the recent floods, there has been an extraordinary increase in street crimes in the city, adding that the police officers have been directed to lodge FIRs. Sharing the data, they told that 42,669 crime incidents were reported in 2011, 39,694 in 2015, 61,244 in 2020 and 84,045 in 2021. Besides,

385 people were killed in 2018 and 393 people in 2021 while 369 suspected killers were arrested till August 31, 2022. In 2018, 2,211 vehicles were snatched, 26,846 vehicles stolen, and 15,678 mobile phones snatched. In 2021, 4,783 vehicles were snatched, 49,608 vehicles stolen and 25,000 mobile phones snatched. The Sindh Police told the committee that there was a sharp increase in the street crime in Karachi in recent times and they are trying to curb the incidents of street crime.

It was informed to the committee that the incidents of stealing mobile phones, motorcycles and purses are less than last year as previously, most of the cases were not registered.

Member Standing Committee Senator Fauzia Arshad said that the huge number of street crimes were reported in media and expressed reservations about the crime statistics given to the committee. She said the reality seems to be different.

Senator Samina Mumtaz Zehri said that the police department did not even register an FIR when the phone of her acquaintance was stolen in Karachi. She added it has also been heard that flood victims women were raped in the pretext of giving aid children were also abducted.

The officials of the Sindh Police told the committee there are very low rate of rape cases in Sindh and Balochistan except Machar Colony, an area of Karachi, where high number of rape cases were reported.

In response to the question of the Chairman Senate Committee on Interior Senator Moshin Aziz, the Sindh Police officials relied that people from Afghanistan were involved in the sale of drugs. “All the Afghan refugees are not registered and steps are being taken to register and send them back,” they told the committee.