Friday December 02, 2022

Asad believes long march call before ‘Nov posting’

By News Desk
September 29, 2022

ISLAMABAD: PTI Secretary General Asad Umar believes party chief Imran Khan would give call for long march before the “November posting”.

He voiced this strong guess in a TV interview on Wednesday. He was asked by the programme host why Imran Khan is delaying long march call.Asad said Imran Khan would keep his cards to the chest, and only he knows when to give the call, but he would most likely go for some date before the crucial posting in November.

Speaking about countrys politics, Asad said establishment’s role in country’s power dynamics is a reality, though bitter, but, he added, successful politics solely based on popularity is not possible not only in Pakistan but also in many countries of the world.

When asked isnt it that Imran strengthens this reality when he asks them (the establishment) to play their role, Asad disagreed, saying it is acceptance of the reality on his part that there is an important power player. However, Asad said, Pakistan needs to evolve out of this situation, adding perhaps the establishment also realises this.