Tuesday December 06, 2022

Licenses of hawkers, vendors cancelled due to rising encroachments

By Our Correspondent
September 19, 2022

Islamabad : Given the rising number of encroachments on verandas, footpaths and roadside pavements in the markets the licenses and temporary passes of all hawkers and vendors have been cancelled in the federal capital.

According to the details, the local administration had issued the circular to cancel licenses/temporary passes of hawkers and vendors in the recent past but it avoided launching a crackdown against them due to deteriorating socio-economic conditions of the masses after an unprecedented price hike.

It is yet to know whether the cancellation of licenses/temporary passes indicates any crackdown against vendors who have occupied spaces in the markets in violation of the by-laws. Despite the fact that the civic agency has constructed pathways for the convenience of pedestrians, a majority of them have turned into extensions of commercial areas.

Some vendors set up food stalls with plastic sheets tied to serve as a shelter. But, actually, these spaces are for pedestrians to walk, not to get occupied by vendors.