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Nawaz asking for another NRO to return: Imran

By News Report & Nadeem Shah
September 09, 2022

MULTAN: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan, in his speech in a Multan public gathering on Thursday, said that Nawaz Sharif is asking for a second NRO from London, so that he could return to the country, the local media reported.

Addressing the participants of the gathering in Multan, the PTI chief said that his workers and team members receive threatening calls as they are being pressured to leave PTI and join some other party. “Media representative, anchors and journalists are being threatened, so that they may stop supporting us,” he added. The PTI chief said that no one can be a big person until he breaks the barrier of fear.

He said that they have to fight for the real independence of the country, and eliminate corrupt elements such as Asif Ali Zardari and Nawaz Sharif who have been looting the country for 30 years. “We wanted to import subsidised oil from Russia to provide our people relief but they do not have the guts to do so,” he added.

He said the country’s economy is crumbling as the government has taken record loans in just four months. He said the PTI government collected record taxes, facilitated farmers and launched schemes like Health Card despite being in the IMF programme.

Imran Khan noted Nawaz Sharif was asking for another NRO from London, so that he could return to the country. No country can develop until the law is not applied equally, he added. The PTI chief maintained that they would facilitate overseas Pakistanis after coming into power. Overseas Pakistanis would be helped in investing in the country, he added.

Imran Khan said that he could talk to anyone but these robbers. They are trying to technically knock him out, he added. The nation has risen and will not accept these two corrupt parties again. He said that they lost the Punjab by-polls despite rigging. “They have postponed the by-polls because they are certain that they would lose 0-9 to us,” he said.

Imran Khan asked the participants and women to teach their children that no country could make progress until it does not have self respect and dignity. “You can never become a great human until you will prevent lust.”

Imran said that the imported rulers are trying to remove him from the match. Fearing to lose, they picked up their wickets and ran away. He said that he was sure they wanted to run away from the election.

The PTI chairman claimed a man works the whole day for PMLN or PPP, but returns home only to find his whole family has joined the PTI. Having said that, the former premier went on to liken the “awareness and consciousness” in the masses to the early days of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) when he started preaching Islam.

Imran Khan said: “Multan, it looks like the way, when in old times, my Prophet (SAW) preached, drew people towards Islam, the right path. Then it happened that a man would be away, and women and young men in his house would embrace Islam. Today, by Almighty’s grace, (I see) such an awareness and consciousness.”