Thursday October 06, 2022

Police medals recommended for Punjab, KP, Sindh and Balochistan

August 17, 2022

ISLAMABAD: A meeting of the Scrutiny Committee constituted by secretary niterior was held on 27th July, 2022 to consider recommendations for the years 2018 and 2022 for grant of Quaid-e-Azam Police Medal (QPM) and Pakistan Police Medal (PPM) to police officers on the occasion of Independence Day, 14th August, 2022.

The Scrutiny Committee considered 32 recommendations for the year 2018 and 53 recommendations for the year 2022 and unanimously approved on the basis of their citations, eligibility criteria i.e heroic acts, distinguished conduct, conspicuous service and exceptional courage in light of Decoration Act 1975 and Warrant and Regulations related to Police Medals (QPM & PPM).

The duplicate cases (F/A) of different provinces have also been recommended by the Scrutiny Committee and decided that only one notification will be issued in case it has been approved by the president for both the years, even for different citations for different years. The committee recommended the police medals for the Punjab, KPK, Sindh and Balochistan.

Punjab Police (2018)

Allah Ditta, Shaheed, ASI, CTD, (Bahawalpur) recommended QPM, Nasir Ali Saqib (Sadiqbad), recommended (QPM), Ghulam Dastgir, Insp. (Kotsbazal), recommended for PPM, Farooq Hasnat, SI, PS City, (Bhalwal).

KP Police (2018)

Sajjad Khan, SSP, Peshawar (QPM), Rahmantullah, Insp (QPM), Imran-ud-Din, SI (QPM), Bilal Hussain, SI (PPM), Ahmadullah, SI (PPM), Ijaz Khan, Const. 2355 (PPM), Gul Mast, Const. 870 (PPM), Muhammad Furqan Bilal, SP (PPM), Ziaullah, Insp. 403 (QPM), Ibad Wazir, SI (PPM), Qazi Mohammad Arif, SI (PPM), Muhammad Umar, SI (PPM), Abdullah Jalal Khan, SI (PPM), Arshad Khan, Const. 471 (QPM), Sheeraz-ur-Rahman, HC No. 3681 (PPM), Muslim Jan Muslim, FC 4183 (QPM), Ishrat Yar, Shaheed, SI (QPM), Waras Khan, HC 439 (QPM), Waheed Ullah, FC 353 (QPM).

Balochistan Police (2018)

Nazar Khan, DSP (QPM), Syed Sanaullah (Shaheed) Const. 2215 (QPM), Abdul Majeed (Shaheed), Const. 579 (QPM).

Islamabad Police (2018)

Fahad Amin, Const 2120 (QPM), Muhammad Riaz Hussain (Shaheed), ASI (QPM), Zaheer Saqib (Shaheed) Const 3708 (QPM), Rizwan Mustafa, Const 3722 (PPM), Shahbaz Ahmad (Shaheed), Const 606 (QPM), Israr Ahmad Tanoli, Const 8196 (QPM).

Punjab Police (2022)

Imran Sadiq, No5539, ASI, CTD, Lahore (PPM), Salman Meeraj, No283, CTD, Corporal, Lahore (PPM), Nadeem Tariq Butt, Const No2189, CTD, Lahore (PPM), Mansoor Ahmad, Const No10854, CTD, Lahore (PPM).

Sindh Police (2022)

Sharjil Kharal, PSP, DIG (QPM), Amjad Ahmed Shaikh, PSP, SSP (QPM), Tanveer Hussain Tunio, PSP, SSP (QPM), Rukhsar Ahmed Khawar, SSP (QPM), SumairNoor, PSP, SSP (PPM), Mazhar Nawaz Shaikh, PSP, DIG (QPM), Muhammad Ayaz Khero, Insp (QPM), Hussain Ali Shahani, SI (PPM), Inam Hassan Junejo, Insp. (PPM), Rafique Ahmed Khero, SI (PPM), Zulfiqar Ali Mehar, PSP, DIG (QPM), Syed Abdul Rahim Sherazi, PSP, SSP (QPM), Abdul Ghani Jeho, ASI, (Shaheed), (QPM)

KPK Police (2022)

Javed Iqbal, DIG (QPM), Tariq Habib, SP (QPM), Raza MOhammad, SP (QPM), Arshad Ali, HC (PPM), Muhammad Bilal, Const. (Shaheed), (PPM), Farhan Khan, SP (QPM), Damsaz Khan, SI (QPM).

Balochistan (2022)

Khalid Baqi, SP, CTD, (QPM), Nabi Bakhsh, SI (PPM), Nazar Khan, DSP, ATF (PPM), Mr. Abdul Hameed, IP (PPM), Manzoor Ahmed, HC/1123, ATF (PPM), r. Mir Ahmed, HC/5173, ATF (PPM), Rashid Ali, Const. No.1123, ATF (PPM), Mumtaz Ali, Const. No. 368, ATF (PPM), Azad Khan, Const. ATF (PPM).

ICT Police (2022)

Akhtar Zaman, ID-533, SI (QPM), Muhammad Arshad, No.5651, Const. (QPM), Muhammad Saqlain, Const. No. 156, (QPM), Syed Ali Akber Shah, PSP, SSP (PPM), Tassawar Iqbal, PSP, SP (PPM), Behar Ali, HC. No.6935 (QPM), Inam Rasool, Const. No.7676 (QPM), Sajjad Ullah, Const. No.7813 (PPM), Aamir Abbas, ID-507, SI (PPM), Noor Muhammad Kishwar, HC. No.866 (PPM), Muhammad Usman, Const. No.8875 (PPM), Qamar Aftab, Const. No.8643 (PPM), Junaid Altaf, Const. No.6119 (PPM), Malik Jameel Zafar, PSP, SP (QPM), Lt. ® Kamran Aamir Khan, PSP, SP (QPM), Syed Farhat Abbas Kazmi, PSP, SP (PPM), Saud Khan, PSP, SP (PPM), Rana Tahir Hussain, PSP, ASP (QPM), Sohail Zafar Chatta, PSP, DIG (QPM) and Dr. Akbar Nasir Khan, PSP, IGP (QPM).

Double recommendations:

Mir Qad Ayaz, Constable of KPK Police (PPM) for the years 2015 and 2021. Nazar Khan, DSP of Balochistan Police (QPM) for the years 2018, 2022. Ms. Sohai Aziz, ASP of Sindh Police (PPM) for Years: 2019, Ms. Sohai Aziz, ASP of Sindh Police (QPM) for years: 2021, Imran Shah, PC of Sindh Police (PPM) for years: 2019 and 2021, Abdul Hameed, IP of Balochistan Police (PPM) for years: 2021 and 2022, Rashid Ali, Constable of Balochistan Police (PPM) for years: 2021 and 2022, Khalid Baqi, DSP of Balochistan Police (PPM) for years: 2021, Khalid Baqi, DSP of Balochistan (QPM) for year 2022.