Wednesday September 28, 2022

Transport sector leads energy consumption in FY2022

August 09, 2022

KARACHI: Country’s transport sector burnt off over 17.40 million tonnes of energy products to emerge as the top consumer of hydrocarbons during the fiscal year 2021-22, driven primarily by heightened economic activities, the latest data showed.

According to the numbers, compiled by Oil Companies Advisory Council (OCAC), road transport consumed 17.01 million tonnes of energy products during the previous fiscal, the highest in the sector under review.

The fuel consumption of the road transport sector increased in the last fiscal compared to the 2020-21 when it was recorded at 15.47 million tonnes. Railways consumed 118,387 tonnes of energy products in the fiscal under review compared to 115,298 tonnes a year ago.

In the aviation sector, PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) used 159,024 tonnes and other airlines 110,546 tonnes. The consumption of energy products by the power sector jumped to 3.683 million tonnes in FY22 from 2.364 million tonnes in FY21.

In the power sector, the usage of furnace oil by KE dropped to 707,013 tonnes from 830,771 tonnes. The utilisation of the same fuel by PEPCO rose to 123,146 tonnes from 63,858 tonnes, whereas that of Narowal Energy increased to 161,832 tonnes in FY22 from 59,953 tonnes in FY21.

The consumption by the private power sector jumped to 1.799 million tonnes in FY22 from 1.108 million tonnes in FY21. The KAPCO utilised 617,772 tonnes in the last fiscal compared to 284234 MT.

During the last fiscal, the government sector’s consumption also rose to 373,489 tonnes compared to 306,961 tonnes in FY21. The uptake of energy products by the industry ticked down to $ 1.332 million tonnes in FY22 against 1.472 million tonnes in 2020-21.

The energy products used for the overseas operations surged to 250,121 tonnes in FY22 compared to 176,016 tonnes in FY21. The hydrocarbon fuels utilised by the aviation sector for the overseas operations was recorded at 240,208 MT in the last fiscal against 148,617 tonnes in fiscal year 2020-21.

Fuel consumption by the bunkers reduced to 3,416 tonnes in FY2022 against 12,417 tonnes in FY22, whereas the usage of fuels for export purposes also dropped to 6,497 tonnes in the year under review against 14,982 tonnes in FY21. Overall the country consumed 23.090 million tonnes of the energy products in FY22 compared to 20.141 million tonnes in FY2021.