Saturday August 13, 2022

Bara elders warn against construction of check-post on hilltop

By Our Correspondent
July 31, 2022

BARA: Elders and political party leaders of Bar Qamberkhel tribe have warned against the construction of a check-post at Bhutan Sharif hilltop, the native village of former cricketer Shahid Afridi.

Addressing at a grand gathering in Bara Barqamberkhel, the elders and political leaders including former federal minister Hameedullah Jan Afridi, Saeedullah Afridi, Murad Saqi, Munsif Ali Afridi, Nasrullah Khan and others said that the construction of the check-post on top of the hill was against the Pakhtun traditions and culture.

They said they would leave the area if the forces built the check-post by force. They added that the government wanted to set up a camp on a hilltop, which was located right in the middle of the population.

The elders explained that the camp right in the middle of the population would cause inconvenience to the residents.

They maintained that the elders had negotiated with commandant Tirah Rifles but could not improve the situation.

“It was decided with security officials not to start the construction work on the ground and the construction will remain closed till the issue is decided, but it was not done,” said Nasrullah, a local elder.

Later, the Jirga constituted a team consisting of political leaders and elders to negotiate with the security officials.

They said if their demand was not accepted through negotiations, the Bara Political Alliance and the Afridi tribes would start an endless series of protests against the forced occupation.

The Jirga said the plan of action would be decided for the future, while the Jirga would be convened again tomorrow (Monday).