Saturday August 20, 2022

Miftah or Dar: ‘Split’ in PMLN over selection of economic wizard

Saad Rafique praises Ishaq Dar's knowledge while Khawaja Asif and Shahid Khaqan are backing Miftah Ismail

By News Desk
July 07, 2022
Miftah Ismail (Left) and Ishaq Dar. Photo: The News/File
Miftah Ismail (Left) and Ishaq Dar. Photo: The News/File

KARACHI: In what appears to be a rift in the ranks of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PMLN) leadership, the party is divided into two groups over the selection of economic czar for steering the country out of financial crisis.

Interestingly enough, Minister for Railways Khwaja Saad Rafique is desperately waiting for Ishaq Dar’s return to the country for leading the economic team while Khwaja Asif and Shahid Khaqan Abbasi are in favour of Miftah Ismail.

Taking to Twitter, Saad Rafique heaped praise on Dar’s capabilities and termed him as a far-sighted, economic wizard, honest and competent. 

“PMLN team is incomplete without him,” tweeted Saad, adding, “We are earnestly waiting for his return.” He said Dar’s guidance would prove to be panacea for all complicated government affairs.

Earlier, admiring Miftah, Khwaja Asif said he was one of the most hard-working members of the PM Shehbaz’s cabinet. 

Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said there was no comparison of Miftah’s knowledge on economy, adding that he played a key role in preventing the country from becoming bankrupt. 

It is pertinent to mention that Ishaq Dar had hinted at returning to the country, adding that the party leadership will decide about his role in the finance ministry.


    abdalaziz ariff commented a month ago

    they can both work together.

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    Nasser Yousaf commented a month ago

    Someone who doesn't see IMF as an antidote to Pakistan's myriad economic problems should take over the reins, that person is certainly not Miftah as he exhibited through his words and deeds so far

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    Abdullah commented a month ago

    It is nothing but a preplanned political gimmick. Unpopular budget was presented by Miftah(against hidden person favors), making him a "Bad boy" and now "Good boy" Ishaq Dar will take over. Win Win Situation

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    Love Your Country commented a month ago

    Dar was working hard to raise long term funds to get rid of loans from international agencies when he and NS were forced out of politics, and he will do the same to get rid of IMF I believe.

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