Monday June 27, 2022


May 19, 2022


The Sanat Initiative is showcasing new artworks by Munawar Ali Syed in a solo show titled ‘Talaash-e-Gumshuda’ (Search for the Lost). As a multidisciplinary artist, his work is a response to the proliferation of mass media, propaganda and our self-absorbed attitudes to life. Themes of identity, diaspora, pop culture, hierarchy and social stigma are evident in his works. The exhibition ends today. Call 0300-8208108 for more information.

Reflection of Surroundings

The ArtChowk Gallery is hosting Abid Khalil Ansari’s solo art exhibition titled ‘Reflection of Surroundings’ until May 20. Call 021-35300482 for more information.

Some Lover to Some Beloved

The National Academy of Performing Arts is screening ‘Some Lover to Some Beloved’, an engaging documentary film that chronicles the life and career of the academy’s founding president Zia Mohyeddin, at 7pm today. It took Umar Riaz, Mohyeddin’s grand nephew, seven years to complete this labour of love. It also focuses on two personalities that left a deep impact on him: Faiz Ahmed Faiz and Dr Dawood Rehbar. Call 0300-0899906 for more information.