Sunday June 26, 2022

Young singers mesmerise audience at Hindko Music Gala

By Bureau report
May 17, 2022

PESHAWAR: Young singers mesmerized the audience at the “Hindko Music Gala” arranged as part of the talent-hunt programme for budding performers, said organizers on Monday.

The Gandhara Hindko Board and Directorate of Culture, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa had jointly organised the event at the lone Cultural Centre of the Nishtar Hall.Famous TV anchors and artistes Mohsin Ali Shah aka Shah Jee and Nouman Rauf and radio broadcaster Tahira Riffat moderated the programme while Ustad Saeed Paras, Ahmad Nadeem Awan and young artiste Zeeshan Ghaznavi performed as judges.

Professor Dr Adnan Gul, Senior Vice-Chairman of Gandhara Hindko Board, was the chief guest at the event.Besides male and female participants, the gala was also attended by Gandhara Hindko Board general secretary Muhammad Ziauddin, executive members Wasim Shahid and Sikandar Hayat Sikandar, Gandhara Hindko Academy Director Dr Muhammad Adil, Dr Khadim Ibrahim, Noor Hussain Noori, Zulfiqar Ali Bhatti and admins of various groups of social media.

Over 20 young Hindko singers participated in the music competitions.The young artistes entertained the audience with their melodious voices and lyrics and received thunderous applause from the spectators.

Shayan Rahim stood first, Abdul Moeez second while Adnan Sharif clinched the third position in the music contests.The winners were awarded commendation certificates and cash prizes.A child Faryal Muneer and Pashto artistes Sardar Alam and Khaista Rahman were awarded special prizes.

The audience was excited when Dr Adnan Gul along with other participants stood and presented live performances of a Hindko song with drumbeats.Dr Adnan Gul, Muhammad Ziauddin and Ahmad Nadim Awam said that music was the language that always taught love for humanity.

They said that the event was aimed at hunting talented Hindko singers and melodious voices.The speakers said that Peshawar had produced legendary artistes and writers, including Dilip Kumar, Syed Ahmed Shah, who was commonly known as Patras Bokhari, and others.

They said Gandhara Hindko Academy had taken the responsibility of promoting the Hindko music and encouraging the artistes and singers, and would take it forward.They also said that they would soon organise two more Hindko music programmes with help of Shah Jee to encourage singers and artistes.

Later, Dr Adnan Gul, Muhammad Ziauddin and Ahmad Nadim Awam, Sikandar Hayat Sikandar, Wasim Shahid and Mohsin Ali Shah distributed certificates among the participants.Muhammad Ziauddin thanked the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa director of Culture and Nishtar Hall administration for their cooperation in organising the Hindko Music Gala.