Wednesday July 06, 2022

PM Shehbaz Sharif says he’ll think about commission on cable

Shehbaz said that Pakistan “could not afford to be an enemy of the United States” and needed to improve its relationship with the country

April 27, 2022
Shehbaz Sharif. Photo: The News/File
Shehbaz Sharif. Photo: The News/File

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has said he will think about forming a judicial commission on the cable controversy though the National Security Committee's statement is very clear that there is no foreign conspiracy.

In an interaction with journalists on Tuesday evening, Sharif said that the United States was a superpower and Pakistan needed to develop good ties with the country. He said that Pakistan “could not afford to be an enemy of the United States” and needed to improve its relationship with the country.

Regarding the terror attack in Karachi, the prime minister said the incident was "very harmful to the country”, adding that Pakistan will have to improve its security. He said he had instructed the interior minister to visit Karachi on Wednesday (today) and plan with the Sindh government on the safety of Chinese nationals.

The premier also said that he planned to hold a comprehensive meeting on security after his return from Saudi Arabia. When asked who he will meet on his three-day trip to the Kingdom, the prime minister said he hoped to meet the Saudi leadership to strengthen ties between the two countries.

Criticising the previous government’s foreign policy, he said that Saudi Arabia had given oil on deferred payment to Pakistan, as well as deposited money with the State Bank to help Pakistan’s economy; the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government had told Saudi Arabia “we can raise the issue of Kashmir without you”.

On the government’s plan to manage the economy and to deliver on other fronts, he replied that “it is a very difficult challenge but not impossible.”

When the prime minister was also asked if he will bring the PTI back to parliament to ensure the role of an effective opposition, he said that the resignations of PTI lawmakers would first need to be examined to determine which member of the parliament was forced to resign and who did so voluntarily.

About the PTI’s planned marches and rallies, he said that his government did not believe in politics of revenge, but he would also not tolerate anarchy in the country. About the media, Sharif said he believed in the freedom of speech and that it was important for the media to highlight the mistakes of his government.

However, when asked if he would roll back the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act, he said that there should be a difference between the truth and a lie. When asked about the appointment of the new military chief, the prime minister said that it would be done in accordance to the rules.