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Gen Haroon, Gen Awan term viral tapes fake

Gen (r) Haroon Aslam says the fake video could be the work of some foreign enemy

By News Desk
April 13, 2022

ISLAMABAD: Two retired generals — Lt Gen Haroon Aslam and Maj Gen Ejaz Awan — on Tuesday said video and audio tapes attributed to them are fake.

Lt Gen Haroon Aslam tweeted that he had served the army 40 years. He said, “A Few unscrupulous people have tried to make me controversial through fake audio recordings.” 

He said the voice was not his. The fake video could be the work of some foreign enemy, and if it is someone from Pakistan, it is reprehensible. 

In his tweet, he also uploaded the fake video, advising the viewers to share his message with others. 

In his twitter message, Maj Gen Ejaz Awan (retd) said the army is his “identity and first love”. 

He said a fake viral audio was being attributed to him. “(I) can’t think of such a weird post,” Awan added.