Friday July 19, 2024

Askari Park renamed Kashmir Park

February 06, 2022

Karachi Administrator Murtaza Wahab announced on Saturday that the Askari Park had been renamed as Kashmir Park to pay homage to the perseverance and struggle of Kashmiri people against India’s illegal occupation and state-terrorism in Kashmir.

He made this announcement while talking to the media on the occasion of renaming the park and participating in a Kashmir solidarity rally. Metropolitan Commissioner Syed Afzal Zaidi, Kashmiri leader Sardar Nazakat, Director General Parks Junaidullah Khan and other officials were also present on the occasion.

Wahab said Kashmir would become a part of Pakistan and they would work for the Kashmir cause beyond political differences. "We need a leader who can fight for Kashmir as we had in the past.” Kashmir Park would be run by the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation in the best interest of the citizens, he said.

The administrator said that the Pakistanis should stick to the one-point agenda of getting the issue resolved in accordance with UN resolutions. "We stand by Kashmiris in their struggle for their right to self-determination and we are confident that Kashmir will one day become Pakistan.”

Wahab congratulated the relevant KMC officers and staff on the successful completion of the park’s transfer process. He said it was decided to name rename Askari Park as Kashmir Park on the occasion of Kashmir Solidarity Day. "We want to pay tribute to the struggle of Kashmiris for their right to self-determination and independence," he said.

Responding to a question, he said other parks in the city would also be rehabilitated. He said there was a beautiful and lush park on University Road, which would be made the best amusement park for citizens.

Wahab said Karachi had been divided into three zones and roads were being constructed in different areas at a cost of Rs3 billion. "Every effort is made to complete the development work as soon as possible," he added.

Later, Wahab and Zaidi attended the Kashmir solidarity rally and paid homage to the people of Kashmir.