Monday May 23, 2022

Govt urged to make creation of Hazara province part of dialogue

By Our Correspondent
January 22, 2022

MANSEHRA: The Tehreek-i-Sooba Hazara on Friday urged the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf government to make the issue of a separate province of Hazara as part of the dialogue process for the creation of new entities.

“Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qurashi has announced to launch a consultative process with the political parties to create more federating units in the country and Hazara province should also be the part of these talks,” the Mushtaq Khan, the chairman of Tehreek-i-Sooba Hazara, told reporters here.

Flanked by other office-bearers of the Tehreek, he said that the people of Hazara had been striving since long for creation of Hazara province.

“It is a test case for the senators and lawmakers from Haripur to Kohistan to compel the PTI government to include the Hazara province in these proposed talks with the PML-N and other parties,” Mushtaq Khan added.

He said that if the Southern Punjab province could be created in the country, then why not a separate entity for the people of Hazara.

“The government should constitute a commission to pave the way for the creation of the Southern Punjab and Hazara provinces,” Khan said.

The chairman of the TSH said that more federating units were also required for good governance.

“If the PTI government doesn’t include Hazara province in its talks with PML-N and other parties, we would also launch a street agitation as Prime Minister Imran Khan and former premier Nawaz Sharif had announced to give Hazara the status of a separate province,” he went on to add.