Monday August 08, 2022

PTC cuts water usage up to 31pc

By Our Correspondent
December 22, 2021

LAHORE: Pakistan Tobacco Company (PTC) Limited reduced water usage up to 31 percent in its operations and commercial footprint, saving around 64 million liters of water, a statement said on Tuesday.

Limiting its water footprint amid looming climate change crisis across the globe, the company also aims to recycle 50% of total water usage and water withdrawn by 2025. It is currently recycling 92 million liters of water per annum.

“PTC recognizes that the looming climate change crisis poses serious threats to the availability and quality of water across the globe,” said MD and CEO of Ali Akbar.

Treatment plants installed across the PTC’s manufacturing sites play a key role as the treated water is used to substitute freshwater usage in its utilities and ancillary services.

Additionally, to reduce water usage at farm level, the company has also deployed drip irrigation units under its farmer support programme resulting in 231 million liters of water saving annually, he added.