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Five robbers loot house, take away Rs34m valuables

November 22, 2021

LAHORE:Five armed robbers broke into the house of a doctor in Johar Town and looted cash, gold ornaments and other valuables worth Rs 34 million.

The robbers stormed into the house of Dr Naseem Chaudhry, took the family members hostage at gunpoint and looted cash, diamond rings, gold ornaments and expensive wristwatches. They also manhandled Dr Naseem Chaudhry and others in the house. The robbers entered the house through the clinic. Police have registered a case.

Stray kite string injures man: A man was injured by a stray kite string in the limits of Factory Area police on Sunday. The injured man, identified as Mujahid Zafar, a resident of Mozang Chungi, was on his way on a bike when his throat was cut by a stray kite string on Ferozepur Road, Factory Area. Rescuers removed him to hospital. Meanwhile, citizens continued flouting the ban on kite flying in various parts of the provincial metropolis and enjoyed the lethal game without any fear.

Despite the ban on kite flying by the Punjab government, enthusiasts of the sport were spotted flying kites in various parts of the City. The areas where citizens violated the ban include Wahdat Colony, Ichhra, Mozang, Naulakha, Shafiqabad, Tibbi City, Misri Shah, Shalimar, Garhi Shahu, Lytton Road, Samanabad, Millat Park, Gulshan Ravi, Sherakot, Iqbal Town, Kot Lakhpat, Nishtar Colony, Factory Area, Ghaziabad, Township, Dharampura and inside the Walled City.

Road safety ceremony: A road safety ceremony and walk were organised at Lahore Zoo on the occasion of World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims. The zoo director and deputy director, TRSF chairman and the relatives of those killed and injured in accidents, students and other people participated in the events.

Candles were lit and prayers were offered for the victims of traffic accidents. Helmets and gifts were distributed among the citizens. CCPO directs officers to check crime incidents with PSCA help: Capital City Police Officer Lahore Fayyaz Ahmad Dev has directed all the senior officers of Lahore Police to control incidents of crime in coordination with Punjab Safe Cities Authority supported by the latest monitoring systems to identify the crime hotspots and curb incidents of crimes, including motorcycle thefts and robberies.

The CCTV cameras installed by the PSCA and Integrated Command and Communication System along with analysis of data of the calls received at helpline 15, crime hotspots and crime pockets, specific crimes committed in particular time, crimes trends and tendency have proved helpful for police to eradicate crimes in the City.

CCPO Lahore Fiaz Ahmad Dev directed Dolphin Squad, Police Response Unit and police stations to enhance patrolling in the crime hotspot areas and improve response time on emergency helpline 15 calls. The CCPO said Lahore police was taking concrete measures to ensure protection to the life and property of the citizens.

Fayyaz Ahmad Dev said that the lists of target offenders had been provided to all the operational and investigation units to arrest them as these habitual criminals had always been involved in hardcore crime in the City. He directed the police officers to improve their performance regarding registration of tenants, private employees, passengers and persons staying in hotels. Search and sweep operations on a regular basis have played a pivotal role to curb anti-state and anti-social enemies, Fayyaz Ahmad Dev stated. The CCPO said that any police officer or official proved to be facilitating the land grabbing or other crimes will be dealt with an iron hand. FIRs must be registered immediately in all cases of crimes against persons and property as well as in case of women harassment and child abuse whereas senior officers, including SPs, should personally visit the palaces of occurrence of heinous crimes and monitor all the legal proceedings.

The monitoring cameras installed in different sections of police stations should be functional and their recording should be saved, he said. He directed the police officers to speed up their crackdown on sale of narcotics, gambling and brothel houses. He urged all the police officers to improve their behavior with their subordinates as well as the citizens and complainants.