• Amir bemoans lack of government interest in Pak boxing

      October 11, 2012
      Print : Sports

      LONDON: Boxing sensation Amir Khan has complained that he is keen to help promote boxing in Pakistan but sports officials are not cooperating with him in his endeavors to promote Pakistani boxing at the world level.

      Amir Khan was speaking at a crowded press conference to promote his December 15 fight at the Los Angeles Sports Arena against Californian Carlos Molina. Speaking to Geo News, the ‘King’ Khan said that he could use his expertise to “bring out the best of Pakistani talent” and make Pakistani players world champions but that would not be possible without the government showing interest in Khan’s proposal. “I need to speak to someone high up in the Ministry of Sports and in the government. I am willing to help but need someone’s support in the government to make this happen. That’s not happening at the moment.”

      Khan said the recent London Olympics showed that Pakistan’s participation was very poor. “India improved a lot because Indians support each other and they have the government’s support. I want to help the people of Pakistan and want to give something back to them. Pakistan has a huge pool of talent but they have never been given a chance.”

      Khan has been visiting Pakistan frequently in the aftermath of the Kashmir earthquake and the floods. At the same time he has been speaking to organisations to promote boxing in Pakistan and intends to set a boxing arena in the country. “I have helped build five hospitals in Pakistan. I want to give it something back to the people in Pakistan, to build hospitals for poor people, we want young people in Pakistan to be educated and be able to go to school. We want them to have clean drinking water. We need to have more people to support people in Pakistan, I will go to Pakistan again in January to see the progress. It will be nice to see my own people,” commented Khan, who is training hard these days for his showdown with Molina.

      Khan was regarded the best super lightweight on the planet until his knockout at the hands of Danny Garcia. Two losses later, Khan is ready to resume his winning ways and prove his detractors wrong. He told Geo News that he was “written off” the first time he lost but came back stronger in the game. “I am only 25. We will win this fight. I know Molina is very dangerous and has never been beaten before. I have to train hard for this fight and I know I can’t make normal mistakes. I lost because to Garcia because I made mistakes. Inshaallah, we will win this fight.”

      Significant changes have been made in Khan’s camp, including replacing head trainer Freddie Roach in favour of Virgil Hunter. Khan said he felt it was time to part ways. He said his new trainers had given him new confidence and taught him the “defensive techniques”.

      “I have been good using the offensive technique but I needed to learn how to defend well and use my brain more. My new trainer is one of the best in the world. The new trainer is from San Francisco. He is going to bring the best out of me,” vowed Khan.

      “Amir is eager to regain his place at the very top of the 140lb division,” said Asif Vali of Khan Promotions. “This path starts against Carlos Molina who is an undefeated fighter and someone who Amir knows he will need to be at his very best to overcome. This is going to be an exciting match-up between two talented fighters and one which we believe will lead Amir to another chance at world title glory.”

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