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Asad Umar warns PDM, media of ‘serious beating’

By News Desk
November 13, 2021
Asad Umar warns PDM, media of ‘serious beating’

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Planning, Development & Reforms Asad Umar has warned the Pakistan Democratic Alliance and media outlets of “serious beating” if they ventured towards Islamabad in form of a long march.

Speaking at a function here on Friday, the minister accused the media of being the “facilitator” of the PDM and went on to address the supposed “PDM facilitators within media” saying: “Don’t even think of coming here. And if you do you will be beaten black and blue.”

Umar, long considered an insider of Imran Khan’s kitchen cabinet, said Imran would neither bow before anyone nor is frightened of any situation; “Khan shot down two Indian jets when challenged by [Indian Prime

Minister] Modi. Nawaz Sharif and sons were forced to run to London along with their relatives.” He said public money was meant for people of Pakistan and not for buying flats in London. The minister claimed that Pakistan was progressing steadily and the country’s economy was doing much better than the rest of the world.