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Jammu Martyrs Day observed in Pakistan

By Our Correspondent
November 07, 2021
Jammu Martyrs Day observed in Pakistan

LAHORE: Kashmiris observed the Jammu Martyrs Day across the country on Saturday in commemoration of sacrifices rendered by hundreds of thousands of Kashmiris on 6th November 1947 when the forces of Maharaja Hari Singh, Indian army and Hindu extremists committed genocide of Kashmiris in different parts of Jammu region while they were migrating to Pakistan.

On the day, Kashmiri leaders renewed the pledge to thwart Indian nefarious designs and to continue the mission of martyrs who wanted to annex the valley with Pakistan by exercising their right to self-determination.

Addressing a meeting, United Jammu and Kashmir Movement President Sardar Babar Hussain said Jammu and Kashmir Martyrs Day was observed to pay homage to 2.5 million Kashmiri Muslims who had sacrificed their lives while they had been migrating to Pakistan. He said that UJ&KM was set up by Kashmiris around the world to fulfill the mission of the martyrs, adding that it was the duty of the rulers of Pakistan to provide their support for the liberation of occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

“The Muslims of Occupied Jammu and Kashmir are still embracing martyrdoms for their love of Islam and Pakistan. The sacrifices of the martyrs of Jammu are source of inspiration for Kashmiri youth who should not surrender no matter how brutal and barbaric measures are taken by usurpers,” asserted Sardar.

He added despite the presence of one million Indian troops in occupied Jammu and Kashmir, India had failed to suppress the Kashmir independence movement as the Kashmiri nation was firmly committed to achieving the freedom. He reaffirmed that freedom was a natural and innate human right and Kashmiris would continue their struggle to attain the right.