Sunday October 24, 2021

Pilot project to examine students launched

October 15, 2021

MANSEHRA: The district administration has launched a pilot project to examine different physical impairment among the students of the public sector primary schools in the district.

“We have taken this initiative as a pilot project under Sustainable Development Goal initiative at schools and if it is proven to be effective in finding visual impairments, malnutrition, and weight loss among schoolchildren we would stretch it to the primary schools across the district,” Nazima Shaheen, additional deputy commissioner, told reporters here on Thursday.

Accompanied by the convener of the Sustainable Development Goal initiative Farah Naz, she said that initially students of around 30 boys and girls primary schools would be examined.

Speaking on the occasion, programme’s convener, Farah Naz, said that school children would be examined with the help of non-governmental organisations. “We would also train teachers to observe the students showing lack of interest and refer them to specified NGO’s centres for the treatment,” Naz added.