Monday October 18, 2021

‘Imran diverting attention from his historic failures’

September 21, 2021
‘Imran diverting attention from his historic failures’

LAHORE: PML-N Information Secretary Marriyum Aurangzeb has said Imran Khan is attacking constitutional institutions and the media to divert attention from hishistoric failures, massive corruption and rising public dissent against him. In a statement issued here on Monday, she said this entire circus is being run to shift focus away from the skyrocketing inflation, destruction of national economy and historic national debt. “Imran obliterated country’s economy, butchered people with inflation and wishes that nobody should even say a word against him”, she said.

The former Information minister said the PML-N would not let Imran divert attention from the real issues with this fiasco over Electronic Voting Machines and Pakistan Media Development Authority. The rented spokespersons of Imran Khan are wasting public money on distracting press conferences to bury the real discussions of robbing of the nation over sugar, flour, electricity, medicines, gas and petrol, she maintained.

They have turned PID into a PTI office, she said, adding that the real issue bothering Imran is his desperation for getting off the hook in the illegal foreign funding case under election reforms. Imran wants to gag the media so that his corruption, blunders and theft would not get exposed. She said the country is in an economic turmoil and inflation and unemployment are rising because the prime minister is a thief and to hide this fact, he is making laws that silence the media and the opposition.

She said Imran has no compassion for expatriates but has used them in the past and is using them now to hide his failures and corruption. Imran even used the president to implement the cruel tax on electricity bills and crush the nation further under the avalanche of his corruption and incompetence, she concluded.