Friday October 15, 2021

RAW, NDS used Afghan soil to harm Pakistan: Sh Rashid

September 06, 2021
RAW, NDS used Afghan soil to harm Pakistan: Sh Rashid

LANDIKOTAL: Urging the media to counter the Indian propaganda, Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid on Sunday said Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) and National Directorate of Security (NDS) had established 60 training centres in Afghanistan to destabilise Pakistan.

Speaking at Zero Point on the Torkham border, he said the Indian involvement had come to an end after the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan. He said India spent billions of rupees in Afghanistan to create anti-Pakistan elements.

The minister said the region was now coming out of the pressure after the Afghan Taliban changed the shape of world politics. He said the visit of Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) Director General Lt-Gen Faiz Hameed to Kabul was painful for Indians.

He said Indian television channels negatively portrayed the ISI chief’s visit to Kabul. He said a number of top-ranking officials from foreign countries visited Kabul but India did not talk about it. Rashid said the Pak-Afghan border had been fenced 93 percent. He added that no refugees came to Pakistan after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan.

“The ones who want to visit Pakistan should get visas,” Sheikh Rashid said. The interior minister said this region was now gaining importance and a new bloc could emerge. He praised the security forces for rendering sacrifices for the sake of homeland. He said Pakistan lost 80,000 lives in the past 20 years.

The minister said the Taliban surprised the world with their quick takeover of Kabul. He said now few terrorist groups would try to put pressure but the Pakistan Army along with the nation would wipe them out from the country. He said India with the help of NDS had established 60 terrorist training camps in Afghanistan.

Sheikh Rashid said both Afghanistan and Pakistan have expressed the commitment that they would not let anyone use their soil against any country. “It is now the Taliban’s responsibility to take steps and maintain security of Afghanistan,” he added.

Sheikh Rashid said he visited the Torkham border to show the Indian television channels and the government that the Pak-Afghan border was safe and secure on both sides. He said the number of immigration and Nadra staff would be doubled to facilitate the passengers.

The minister said the nexus of NDS and RAW had come to an end in Afghanistan while sad images were seen on the Indian television channels as Indians were leaving Kabul. Additional security personnel were deployed along the Torkham border and in Landikotal during the visit of the minister. The movement of the pedestrians and vehicles was also suspended.